The team

Our talented team consists of seasoned professionals: event/protocol gurus with years of on-the-ground experience and agency experience. We are quick to respond, available 24/7, and extremely detail-oriented: 

we’re here to help your event succeed. Over the years of event staffing experience, Beeko Emporium understands what it takes and more importantly, who it takes to make your event successful.

•Beeko Emporium has an extensive database of over 200,000 talented individuals throughout Nigeria, enabling us to staff events in any city – no matter the size. •Beeko Emporium has numerous policies in place to prevent or solve employee cancelations and schedule changes, ensuring your event is efficiently and effectively staffed and to make it a success.  We take our full staff guarantee seriously and achieve 99.9%+ attendance rates as a result.Our experience as an event staffing Agency has earned us a reputation as the part of the most dedicated, passionate, and reliable event staffing agency available.